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... the association of legal professionals

Perspective is the only thing that can dramatically change results without changing any of the facts.  Andy Andrews


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MALS - the Association of Legal Professionals
Montgomery, Alabama

OFFICERS 2017-2018

President: Pamela Kendrick - pamela.kendrick@adph.state.al.us


Secretary: Debbie Harper, PP, PLS deborah.harper@alabar.org

Treasurer: Brenda Martin bmartin@mewlegal.com

Governor:  Pamela Kendrick - pamela.kendrick@adph.state.al.us

MALS meets on the
3rd Monday of each month* at the
Farmers Market Cafe
315 N. McDonough Street
at 12 Noon.

*MALS meets on alternate dates
in January and February, and
does not meet in December

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