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L-R:  Myra Beckham, Harriet Piper, Cheri Loyd, Sonia Smith, Melissa Cooper, Ed Clark, Talley Brathovd

AALS 2018 - 2019 OFFICERS

President - Talley Brathovd, PP, PLS - dtalleyb@gmail.com

President Elect - Ed Clark, PP - ebc@phm-law.com

Vice President -  Melissa Cooper, CAP-OM, PLS - scrapbookskippy@yahoo.com

Secretary - Sonia Smith, CLP - ssmith@mckdowellknight.com

Treasurer - Cheri Loyd - cheriloy@aol.com

Parliamentarian - Harriet Piper - harrietpiper@yahoo.com

Chaplain - Myra Beckham, PP, PLS - myrabeckham@bellsouth.net

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