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Mobile Legal Professionals Association

MLPA was founded in 1960 and was organized to stimulate a high order of  business and professional attainment and to create a high standard of  ethics among its members. The chapters original name was Mobile Legal  Secretaries Association but was changed in August of 2005 to Mobile Legal  Professionals Association to better reflect the makeup of its  membership: legal secretaries, legal assistants,  paralegals, court  reporters, bookkeepers, judicial assistants, court personnel, lawyers,  etc. The founding theme of the chapter is Professionalism Plus Education Equals Excellence. The monthly meetings are held at noon on  the second Thursday at Crockmires restaurant in downtown Mobile. MLPA  members are big on education,networking, supporting the Bar when the  opportunity presents itself, charity projects and fellowship among its  members. MLPA is 56 years young and looking forward to the future in the legal profession!



President: Vicki Lundy, PP, PLS - vicki.lundy@phelps.com

Vice President: Michele Potter, PP, PLS - mpotter@brewsterlaw.net

Secretary: Cassandra Joiner - cjoiner@mcdowellknight.com

Treasurer: Danielle Baker - ddbjpc3@aol.com

Governor: Debbie Amsbaugh - damsbaugh@loperlawllc.com

Parliamentarian: Babs DeKesyer, PP, PLS - babs.dekeyser@att.net

Chaplain: Sonia Smith, CLP - ssmith@mcdowellknight.com


MLPA meets on the second Thursday of every month
at 12:00 noon
downtown Mobile
T.P. Crockmieres

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