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Why Join AALS and NALS?

The legal support profession is fast-paced and ever-changing, and NALS can  help you stay up-to-date on the tools, skills, and resources you need to adapt and grow. Becoming a member helps you stay informed, stay  connected to fellow legal professionals, improve your skill set, and  support your career, all while ensuring that there is a large  organization able to advocate on your behalf for the issues that matter  most.

Our community forums will allow you to expand your  knowledge and mentor/learn from peers who share your passion and  interests. Whether you're looking to learn more about e-Discovery, the  latest on revocable trusts, share your legal writing expertise, or  connect with others in the industry, NALS allows you to create forum  topics based on your needs!

Get involved in your local and state NALS chapters to enjoy events, education and networking with colleagues near you. While traveling, see if there's a chapter near your  destination and meet other members around the country!

While tangible benefits are always great, (click here to see full list of benefits), NALS offers you the opportunity to belong to the oldest association for legal support professionals and is the only association that is  all-inclusive, giving you a home whether you stay on your current path  or branch out into a new opportunity in the field.

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