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NALS offers a great deal of continuing legal education whether it is at a  state or local meeting or a national conference. NALS also offers  wonderful online educational opportunities through our WebEd Program and our OnDemand Library. All of these resources offer wonderful  information and professional development for all legal support  personnel.

By offering several ways for you to gain the needed continuing legal  education for you to advance in your career, NALS gives you options in  your learning.

    NALS OnDemand Library - The NALS OnDemand Library offers members a valuable education  resource. We understand that you want more for your money and we are  giving you just that. The OnDemand Library holds a listing of past  webinars available for download on YOUR TIME, 20+ presentations from our most popular conference sessions, a catalog of Jett Award winning  chapter project outlines, the Ethics Series, The NALS Guide to Model  Competencies for Legal Secretaries, and full issues of past @Law  magazines in PDF format.

    NALS WebEd - Each month, NALS hosts webinars on various topics of interest to our  members and others in the legal support industry. WebEd sessions cost  $35 for members and $50 for non members, unless otherwise specified. We  aim to provide one free-to-members session per month. 

    Legal Training Course - The NALS Legal Training Courses are offered locally by states and  chapters. These courses can prepare you for a career in the legal  profession and are a great way to prepare for certification.

    Discounted Third Party CLE and Opportunities - NALS has formed partnerships with third-party vendors, such as  123CE.com and Washington University School of Law, to provide our  membership with discounted rates on CLE course offerings and exclusive  scholarship opportunities. To learn more, please visit our Members  Discount/Resource Page (must be logged in as a member to view)

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